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Quinta-Feira, 6 de Junho de 2013

Estatísticas de passageiros easyJet referentes a maio de 2013


Mês    Maio 2013 Maio 2012 Variação
Passageiros 5,609,351 5,423,726 3,4%
Taxa de ocupação 88,1% 88% 0.1pp
Últimos 12 meses     Maio 2013 Maio 2012 Variação
Passageiros 60,048,534 56,884,857 6%
Taxa de ocupação 89.2% 88.5% 0.7pp

1.Represents the number of earned seats flown. Earned seats include seats that are flown whether or not the passenger turns up because easyJet is a no-refund airline, and once a flight has departed a no-show customer is generally not entitled to change flights or seek a refund. Earned seats also include seats provided for promotional purposes and to staff for business travel.

2. Represents the number of passengers as a proportion of the number of seats available for passengers. No weighting of the load factor is carried out to recognise the effect of varying flight (or "stage") lengths.