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WHAT IS UpNews Social Media Release?


It’s a news and multimedia digital distribution service, designed for a simultaneous delivery in multiple formats and platforms that allows a live access to relevant information.


It’s a public access tool, but the download of image, audio and video files is restricted to registered journalists and bloggers.


Upnews is optimized for access and visualization through Smartphones and Tablets, allowing a friendly use with a full mobility.





Need to access to a single place on the Web where they can dynamically get all the information and contents – text, pictures, audio and video files (in Web, broadcast and printing formats), support documents, links, corporative information and all the company’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Blog posts.





Need to guarantee comprehensive structures and agile processes so they can respond to marketing opportunities and trends and give ‘real time’ information and contents to the market. For that, they need flexible solutions that support them in a real-time Web content broadcasting and a higher visibility on the search engines.



With UpNews - Social Media Release you can:


•           Increase your brand awareness/visibility on the Web.

•           Stimulate feedback and interaction in social networks.

•           See your website’s traffic increased.

•           Optimize your brand’s performance on search engines.

•           Monitorize journalist and blogger’s activity by press release. (statistics)



UpNews Worldwide (for global brands)


It’s a global solution that responds to global and local Communication needs, that consolidates the Brands image across every market, improves relationship with the media and provides evaluation metrics for each Communication activity.



How does it works?


We develop an optimized and customized newsroom to each market, with all the relevant features for media Communication. Each local market can independently send their Press Releases with a branded personalized and globally uniformed layout to their own local media databases.


At the backoffice, local markets can use or create their own media databases and access to evaluation metrics per press release (views and CTR per PR, file download list, number of likes and shares, etc).


The Company/Brand can centrally evaluate global media activity and use platform statistics to strategically manage business and Communication results.